Jupiter Peak Joins Blue Sky

March 19, 2004 - PARK CITY, Utah - In response to Park City Mayor Dana William's challenge to Moab, Jupiter Peak Lodging, LLC announces today its enrollment into the Blue Sky alternative energy program with the purchase of at least 20% of its power from renewable wind energy. As a result of decreased summer power consumption, Jupiter Peak Lodge expects its percentage of wind energy to increase to in excess of 40% of its power consumption.

"For us, it's a no brainer to support a program such as blue skis" said Brad Stewart, President and Co-Founder of Jupiter Peak Lodging. "We recognize our responsibility to protect and enhance the community and environment that we live and work in." Jupiter Peak Lodging's purchase brings them to the Champion level of Blue Sky supporters.

Blue Sky gives customers a way to grow the demand for wind energy and take advantage of its environmental benefits. It is sold in 100-kilowatt-hour block increments for $1.95 each, in addition to a customerís regular monthly electric bill. Purchasing one block of Blue Sky energy over a period of a year is equivalent to offsetting more than a ton of carbon dioxide emissions, which is equivalent to not driving more than 1,800 miles or to planting almost a third of an acre of trees.

Jupiter Peak Lodging's purchase is the equivalent to not driving a car 14,400 miles a year, planting nearly 3 acres of trees or removing 12 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, Jupiter Peak Lodging will begin retrofitting it's lighting with more energy efficient lighting fixtures.

For more information contact:
Brad Stewart
Jupiter Peak Lodging, LLC
Phone: 435-602-9142
Fax: 425-944-9910